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That there is no significant global warming

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SkynetSkynet (PRO)
The truth is, there are MORE polar bears now then there have ever been since humanity started counting polar bears. The argument that we are killing the polar bears is 100% bogus and this fact proves that it is. We aren't melting the ice caps: It's as simple as the subtitle says. We aren't melting the ice caps. Scientific research shows that the Antarctic polar ice cap is at an all time high The Arctic ice cap is actually INCREASING. If you look at the charts that show how the climate has changed over time, you'll see that it has its extreme ups and its extreme downs. The climate can change DRAMATICALLY, but that doesn't mean it's because of man. Advanced civilization didn't start until hundreds of years later, yet a drastic warming period occurred. There aren't any recent all-time high temperature records: Latest one was in 1934.
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2015-11-13 20:23:17
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IneisIneis (CON)
I'd like to thank my opponent for opening the debate.

Well, first and foremost I want to discredit the validity of claims made by John Coleman who was apparently the reason this debate came into being. Even though this is not an argument against the discussion at hand per se, but I believe its worth noting. The person in question has a severe lack of academic achievements and I highly doubt he has actually done any legitimate scientific research in this field.

That said, this is very much an objective debate since the nature of it is scientific and basically boils down to an argument vs. an argument and who could post the most credential links.

Me and my opponent can agree upon the fact that the polar bear population has indeed risen in the last decade, but that is largely due to heavy regulations from several countries concerning the hunting of the animal.
I have more to...
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2015-11-16 14:44:29
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Posted 2015-11-16 14:44:46
I apologize for a jumble of sentences that really don't make any sense. I accidentally set the word limit to 900.
Posted 2015-11-13 20:23:58
JC = John Coleman (Founder of TWC probably heard of him)
Posted 2015-11-10 21:39:09
Well, I saw JC's video and thought I should make a debate.
Posted 2015-11-10 21:38:49
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