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Developed nations have an obligation to financially support developing and underdeveloped nations

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ashl1882.arsenaultashl1882.arsenault (PRO)
BBB4M Debate Assignment by Ashley Arsenault

We all live on the same planet and use the same resources. Developed countries should help citizens in developing or underdeveloped countries because they could help thousands of people facing poverty, health issues and death. It is a part of human nature to care for and aid others who are struggling and in need. There is a sufficient amount of evidence to support that the pros of developed nations supporting developing nations out weight the cons.

Developed countries have taken advantage of the unevenly distributed resources to benefit their country. Majority of countries are rich due to their vast amount of resources. For example, America made its wealth through oil and Australia through its gold and coal. Unfortunately, some countries do not have access to resources and struggle.

By supporting developing countries, developed countries are able to make money off of their resources while selling to a market in need such as many African countries. In doing this, countries not only support another country but create more international trade partners. For example, Nigeria has the largest oil deposit in Africa and this resource reaches the global market because by supporting their developing economy they are able to afford to harvest and distribute to a global market. This increases trade and the more countries that are lifted into a place where they are capable of doing this and has the effect of aiding global economic development.

In this day and age, people in developed countries are privileged and grow unhappier and more unsatisfied with it each day. The societies are becoming increasingly egocentric and shallow each day, while people in underdeveloped countries are not having their most basic needs met. The condition in which people in developed countries face has us wired to be money and power hungry, not caring about the people we knock down to get to the top. Developed countries live as if these underdeveloped countries do not exist. They are not real; just another sad story on the news. There are real problems in developed countries too; emotional and physical violence however there are many people facing more severe problems in underdeveloped countries (poverty, malnutrition, starvation) that outweigh the problems of developed countries.

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