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Abortion should be legal

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IAmReallyBadNoJokeIAmReallyBadNoJoke (PRO)
Abortion is a process of terminating a baby while it is in its mothers stomach. People should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they want to terminate their child as it may have been accidental or they may think they can't handle the responsibility. The government should not be able to decide if citizens can  go through the process of abortion, as the baby is going to be their responsibility and they may not want that.  
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2016-07-31 12:23:29
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gavstone21gavstone21 (CON)
  Lets be on the same page and go through some definitions. 

Abortion- the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy
Murder-the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Abortion is the murder of a human. The sole reason is for the mothers benefit and or father. That is evil. There are other ways to handle unwanted humans than killing them which is immoral. The justification my opponent presented for murder is " it may have been accidental or they may think they can't handle the responsibility ". Well, killing the human will benefit the mother so the murder is justified.  That is the equivalent of a poor person killing a rich person for money. ( without the rich person knowing or without his ability for self defence) My question is - Should we kill humans?

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2016-07-31 12:31:09
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IAmReallyBadNoJokeIAmReallyBadNoJoke (PRO)
If someone was raped and had been impregnated, would she not be able to get an abortion? An embryo is not technically a human being yet so it would not be considered murder. (i had a lot more typed but it got off topic soz for takin so long)
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2016-07-31 12:41:21
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gavstone21gavstone21 (CON)
 My opponent argued a embryo is not a human being. 

  When the two haploid cells( sperm and egg) meet, each with 23 chromosomes, they create a 46 chromosome diploid, zygote. This zygote contains DNA patterns that match many of it's parents DNA patterns. This zygote divides with a unique DNA and creates a embryo which is multicellular and independently grows. Not independent on nutrients but that's irrelevant, so a zygote is a human being that shows the 5 signs of life.  If a zygote is a Human then a embryo is Human.  The zygote is the beginning of a human. 

1. Assimilation: The body's ability to absorb food materials, digesting them and making them a part of itself. In other words, converting this food into such a form that it become a part of the body.
2. Excretion: The body's ability to give off waste matters, which not only are no longer of use in the body, but which may be detrimental to the body if retained. You must realize this is different than secretion. Secretion is something formed by the body to be used inside the body and has a definite function.
3. Adaptability: The body's intellectual ability to deal with the external stressors it's exposed to from a physical, chemical and emotional perspective.
4. Growth: The body's ability to expand according to the intelligence of the body to a mature size and dependent upon the power of assimilation.
5. Reproduction: The body's ability to develop and maintain the existence of it's life form from a cellular level all the way to the entire life form. Reproduction is truly dependent upon the power of growth and the power of assimilation.

Abortion is the Murder of a Human. 

My opponent brought up rape. As a sophisticated society we should solve problems in a smart way that doesn't include murderous acts. Abortion is a simple solution to a " rape baby " but kills a innocent defenseless human.  Instead we could have more cops, adoption agencies, compensation from rapist, rape insurance( I can elaborate if you want), a gps activation to cops button, and other grand peaceful non coercive solutions.  We would prevent rape pregnancies as much as we can and solve the ones that fall through the cracks without killing a person that was put into the position. Also a non pregnancy pill that prevents the formation of a zygote for certain time periods. But remember prevention is better than solving. Other solutions that attempt to prevent people becoming rapist which I can give you examples of. 

I have not been rebutted on my argument that abortion is immoral and evil.  We should not murder people. 

Image result for a person's a person no matter how small

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2016-07-31 13:12:19
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